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I have a “lot for sale”, or a particular spot in the yard (because of a flower bed / underground sprinkler / invisible dog fence / etc.), where I and the property owner want the post-sign to go. I would like to meet you there to show you. How can I schedule that?

Due to the high volume of posts & signs that we install on any given day, it is not possi-ble to meet our customers at the site at a specific time. The best way to ensure we place the post where you would like it, is to place a marker.
We suggest:
• Stakes with ribbons or
• Metal frames or directional arrows
We require that you place a marker for properties that have underground sprinklers, in-visible dog fences, etc.
If we get to the property and no marker is present, we will not install the post. A service call charge will apply for us to go back when the marker has been placed.
Please note: If you fail to inform us that the property has an underground sprinkler, invis-ible dog fence, etc., we will not be responsible for any damages.
If we are told to look for a marker on a property without special circumstances, and there is no marker present, our installer will use their best judgment. We do this to avoid delay and to save you the cost of a service call. If you dislike the location & did not leave a marker, there will be a service call charge to move it.