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Out of area installs/removals & gta removal requests

1) Unlike GTA jobs where orders made before 2 pm are guaranteed the next day (excluding Sundays/Holidays), this will not apply to out-of-area installations.
2) Out-of-area installations or removals will still be done as quickly as possible within 1-3 business days, the reason for this is that out-of-area jobs take us away from the city and other jobs sometimes for half the day, so on busy days we will not do them the next day but will always try our best to do them depending on our schedule and other jobs that day in a timely fashion.
1) Removals should always be booked in advance and not left for the last minute, we encourage agents to book them more in advance.
2) Removal requests are only allowed to be booked a minimum of 2 days before the requested date as installations are always a priority over removals.