Common FAQ

We will do our best to contact the installer, but please have a contingency planned in case we cannot reach them. Please note if you cancel less then 24 hours/day before the installation date there is a 50% charge and you will only receive 50% of your mon-ey back. We schedule in our installer for time booked, this is our policy.
Due to the high volume of posts & signs that we install on any given day, it is not possi-ble to meet our customers at the site at a specific time. The best way to ensure we place the post where you would like it, is to place a marker. We suggest: • Stakes with ribbons or • Metal frames or directional arrows We require that you place a marker for properties that have underground sprinklers, in-visible dog fences, etc. If we get to the property and no marker is present, we will not install the post. A service call charge will apply for us to go back when the marker has been placed. Please note: If you fail to inform us that the property has an underground sprinkler, invis-ible dog fence, etc., we will not be responsible for any damages. If we are told to look for a marker on a property without special circumstances, and there is no marker present, our installer will use their best judgment. We do this to avoid delay and to save you the cost of a service call. If you dislike the location & did not leave a marker, there will be a service call charge to move it.
Many times, agents forget to go back by the property and pick up the riders, direc-tional arrows, or metal frames you were using to supplement the sign post. The other possibility is that the homeowner pulled up the sign post and placed it in the garage, shed, or other inaccessible place, and we were not able to retrieve it. There is a charge to go back to retrieve it.
Yes we do, Once your online request is processed, we will then take one of your Signs, which is stored at our storage facility, out to your listing address. We will then install the signpost and hang your sign. In the event all of your signs stored at our storage facility are in use, we will call you immediately so you can make arrangements to get a sign installed on the post. Not having one of your signs in our inventory will not slow the process of getting our signpost installed. We will still meet our commitment. To start having your signs stored at our storage facility please call 437-236-3863 or book a listing visit to arrange your sign pick up using this link You can then schedule to have all your signs picked up.